Wim Wenders

One day in Berlin after the whirlwind excitement of the Cannes Film Festival had subsided, Wim Wenders sat down to ponder questions about how the film was born, what happened with this film, and how its magic was made. This priceless clip in Wims own words shed light on these questions.

  • Hirayamas origins

Koji Yakusho

Koji Yakusho, who rarely discusses himself or his acting philosophy, shares his approach to playing Hirayama and the background of this role.

  • Koji Yakusho on acting

Min Tanaka

Min Tanaka shares his take on Koji Yakushos acting from the perspective of a dancer. He explains what is happening in the last scene, offering incredible insight from his unique point of view. Mins words are just as impressive as his way of life.

  • How Hirayama lives